From The Wisdom of the Native Americans: THE BETRAYAL OF THE LAND, by Kent Nerburn

“ Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? ”

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Kent Nerburn’s books are of great value to anyone with interest in learning about the wisdom of the Native American culture, as it is also representative of indigenous cultures all over the planet. A couple years ago I spoke with a Native American guide, who  shared with me unknowingly that his grandmother had taught him the same things about how to get through life that I thankfully was able to learn, however painfully, from a terrific therapist far too late in life. On leaving the area we stopped at a gift shop, where I bought the book  from which these quotes are taken — and I was gently scorned by a couple of my comrades for buying it. My thinking, however, was that there was a whole lot more than met the eye to this story, and I wanted to know from these indigenous leaders in their own words…

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