“I have a Dream…”

Poetry for Palestine


I dream of liberation of Palestine.
My dream is not blurred by illusions or hindered by hardships. A cornerstone for a Liberation movement is clarity of vision, to keep our objectives in focus.

It is perhaps the disproportional difference of power which makes our aims and vision look like foolish dreams to those who think of themselves as being “realists”.

It is unrealistic to fight against a tyrannical occupation force with deference and only meek means of persuasion and appeasement, because it never stops the crimes, never pushes back the tyrant. Instead, it confirms the tyrant’s authority, which in return will trigger him to pursue unchanged his ruthless methods of conquest and enslavement.

It is realistic and can not be ignored that only creative and surprising means of pushing out occupying tyrants, be it radical, will defeat a tyrant equipped with overwhelming military powers and determined to annihilate…

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