The pottery of ancient Tell Halaf, in Syria, and my ceramics


The love affair between me and the ancient pottery of Tell Halaf started when a friend of mine, a fellow potter and a university lecturer lent me some of his books about ancient Mesopotamia and the history of archaeological   excavations there. It was then that I began a serious study of arguably the finest pottery in the Neolithic produced.

Tell Halaf pottery

ScreenHunter_4280 Feb. 24 17.58

We, the Syrians,  belong to a country which was a cradle of civilization, taking  part in creating the first civilizations known to mankind. Even in prehistoric times and before the invention of writing, Syria recorded in the amazing pottery of Tell Halaf (circa 7000 BC onward), the awakening of the artistic spirit in mankind and their early attempts to express themselves in images, patterns and shapes. Our lands witnessed in the Neolithic, the human revolution which introduced the first agricultural settlements and the domestication of animals.  The first settlements or small villages led gradually…

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